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BA: Communications & Publications, University of Wisconsin - Parkside

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MA: Health Communications, Southern New Hampshire University

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Professional Certificate: Artificial Intelligence Management, Georgetown University *Pending*

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Adrienne is a highly accomplished and academically driven Strategic Consultant with professional experience in Communication, Media, Marketing, and Business Development. With a strong focus on partnering with finance firms, emerging growth companies, and the dynamic tech industry, she serves as a catalyst for transformative success. With a reputation as a trusted collaborator, she is highly sought-after by senior executives, high-net-worth individuals, and esteemed professionals from private companies.

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Strategic Communications

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Business Development

Located in Salt Lake City, UT & Washington D.C.

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What Clients Say

five star rating

Government Relations Firm

"Working with Adrienne has effectively expanded our reach in our industry. With their assistance, we were able to engage prospective clients through marketing approaches not previously explored."


"Adrienne is an amazing woman with a vision and talent that is a rarity. She is amazing to work with and simply a pleasure. She far exceeds the standard."


"Adrienne is a complete rockstar who follows through with what she sets out to accomplish."

Think Tank

“Adrienne impresses me with her diplomacy, eagerness, and work ethic. Having worked closely with her on a project targeting state lawmakers, Adrienne displayed a real understanding of the issues and challenges that policymakers face when approaching a rapidly evolving market. She has a keen sense of emerging issues and challenges and sought input in a constructive and collaborative way.“

Case Study #1

Government Relations Firm

Client Background

Mid-sized Government Relations firm operating in the cannabis industry on the East Coast. They sought consulting services to support their growth, increase brand awareness, and secure national coverage. Their primary objectives were to connect with government officials, target potential partners, and gain exposure in top-tier media outlets.


My comprehensive strategy included targeted outreach, meeting bookings with government officials, and a brand awareness campaign through PR and media outreach.


  • I successfully booked meetings with multiple government officials, providing valuable opportunities for policy discussions.
  • I secured 10+ thought leadership articles, positioned the client as an industry expert, and established credibility among the target audience.
  • My media outreach resulted in mentions in 84 articles across top-tier outlets like Bloomberg, The Hill, and appearances on Fox broadcasts.
  • Company mentions rose by 90%.

Case Study #2

Open Source Intelligence & Security Firm

Client Background

Mid-sized international open-source intelligence and security firm engaged my services for a brand refresh, website design, business development support, and general consulting.


I conducted a brand refresh, revamped the website, enhanced the CRM system, constructed a sales and marketing funnel, and facilitated international meetings for deal flow.


  • I successfully refreshed the brand with updated assets and redesigned the website for an improved online presence.
  • Streamlined lead management and customer relationship management through the construction of the CRM system.
  • Developed an effective funnel to drive business development and enhance the customer journey.
  • Facilitated strategic meetings with international partners and targets to foster deal flow.

Case Study #3

Tech R&D Start Up

Client Background

Seasoned tech R&D start-up engaged with me to enhance marketing efforts, drive business development, and establish a strong brand presence.


I optimized marketing strategies, enhanced the CRM system, constructed a sales and marketing funnel, increased blog output, and executed a successful international press announcement.


  • Company mentions rose by 1091.14%, while executive mentions increased by 98%.
  • Constructed an efficient back end for the CRM system.
  • Developed a comprehensive funnel for targeted campaigns and improved customer acquisition.
  • Generated higher web traffic and consistent lead flow.
  • Executed a high-impact announcement with a large auto manufacturer.

Case Study #4

Cyber Security Firm

Client Background

A cutting-edge cybersecurity company specializing in providing tailored cybersecurity solutions approached me to revamp their business development strategies. The client's mission was to address critical gaps in the national approach to cyber defense, and they were seeking innovative ways to expand their presence within the Department of Defense (DoD) sector.


My approach encompassed market research for insights, web scraping to identify DoD contract opportunities, and CRM optimization for streamlined data management. I also prioritized knowledge sharing and relationship-building within defense associations to create a sustainable growth framework.


  • I successfully built a substantial $6 million pipeline in just six months.
  • I was able to create 124 new business deals. These contracts represented a substantial revenue stream for my client.
  • I established a robust network of key decision-makers within various defense associations.
  • I delivered a proactive growth strategy that the entire sales team adopted and executed. This strategy not only enhanced the client's DoD pipeline but also provided a sustainable framework for continued success.

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Memberships: National Press Club | Society for Health Communication | Network of Executive Women